Blog Post 4 – A Series of Old Pics! #4 Lumsdale Waterfall & ND Filter Talk

Lumsdale Valley is a little place in Matlock, Derbyshire that has a series of hidden waterfalls, which are great for experimenting with long exposures to capture the movement of the water. There are two ways to achieve extremely long exposures without blowing out the highlights in a photo (or blowing the photo out completely). You can either use an ND filter which attach to the front of your lens and block light from going into your lens (you can get many different severities of ND filters), or you can stack images. For this one I stacked a few photos so I could get more movement in the water because I didn’t, and currently still do not have, an ND filter. I’ve decided that I do want to get a 10 stop ND filter now though because if I’m wanting to get a long exposure on a really bright day, the number of photos I need to take and stack is horrendous and just too much for my computer to process. So, it should make things a lot easier when I get one.

Things I would do differently if I took this shot again are, 1. Use a polariser to kill the glare off the wet rocks, 2. Use ISO100 (no idea why I didn’t do this but stacking several photos has helped minimize the noise) and finally I’d also maybe go in a bit tighter on the waterfall, but I don’t think this one is too bad.

Lumsdale Waterfall – 20mm – F3.5 – 1/10 – ISO720

Lumsdale Waterfall.jpg

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