Blog Post 3 – A Series of Old Pics! #3 Lathkill Dale

#3 – Lathkill Dale – July 2016

So, the next day I went back into the Peak District to photograph Lathkill Dale, I had Dylan – my Labrador – with me this time. I was following the walk set out in James Grants – Peak District, Through The Lens – but I was there at the wrong time of day to get any really good light. Lathkill Dale is a limestone dale in the Peak District and it is stunning. There’s a bit of wildlife in there too. As I was walking across the top a massive kestrel shot out from the side of the dale, I must’ve been within 2 feet of it! Anyway, my favourite photo from the day was this one…

Lathkill Dale – 24mm – F25 – 1/40 – ISO100 – -2 exp comp (idiot (still)).

Lathkill Dale.jpg

The composition is really simple, a bit of limestone in the foreground, the curve of the dale leading through the middle and hills and sky in the background. Again, this is one where I went a bit crazy with post processing, but I guess it’s all part of the learning curve. I hope to take the same shot again one day with some better light, either a sunset or sunrise in autumn so there’s plenty of colour around.

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