Blog Post 2 – A Series of Old Pics! #2 Monyash

#2 – Monyash – July 2016

**The photos in this series aren’t going to be put in the order I took them, just whichever one I feel like posting at the time :)**

This photo was a bit of an accident really. I’d had one of my “urges” that I had to go out on a photography shoot, so decided to head into the Peak District one Friday after work. It was just after I’d bought James Grant’s book – The Peak District, Through The Lens – so I was really buzzing to get out with the camera. 

My original plan was to go on a shoot in Lathkill Dale, but I made a schoolboy error and headed down the wrong footpath. It was also a bit of a throwaway shot! If I remember correctly I took it pretty soon after getting out of the car and heading down the path.

Composition wise I just wanted to use the wall on the left hand side as a leading line through the field which was being lit up by the evening sunset. I liked how the people walking down the path towards me came into the shot and added a sense of scale.

Looking at what camera settings I used now there are some MAJOR errors! Sometime prior to heading out I’d been fiddling about with the camera and left it set on -2 exposure compensation and not put it back to 0. So this left me with a very dark image and I had to bring all the detail out in Lightroom. As you can see this left the end result with a lot of noise in the shadows. The camera was set to 18mm 1/400 F/11 (I probably didn’t quite need the aperture so small).

If I were to take this shot again I’d definitely get the camera set up properly on a tripod and bracket the shot with 2 images. One exposed for the sky and one for the fields. I’d then blend the two in post processing.

Even though the picture quality isn’t great this is still one of my favourite photos. Whenever I see it, it reminds me of when I first “discovered” photography and the creative element to it and the how much more there is to cameras than just pointing and shooting. This photo was taken at a time when I thought Landscape Photography was the easiest type of photography and all you had to do was go out and take a load of pictures of some hills. I quickly learned it was so much more than that.

The more I’ve learned about landscape photography I’ve realised it’s about quality over quantity and that each image should be “made” and not just “taken”.

The next day I went back into the Peak District and to take the “right” footpath into Lathkill Dale.

Monyash – 18mm – F11 – 1/400 – ISO100 – -2 exp comp (idiot).


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