Blog Post 1 – A Series of Old Pics! #1 The Portuguese Paddler

Photography has been a hobby of mine for a couple of years now so I guess I am starting this blog a bit late! In these first few posts I will show you some of my favourite photos since I got my first DSLR camera in November 2014.

For each photo I post in a blog I will try to give as much information as possible i.e. what inspired me to head out and take the photo (if anything), any techniques I used, what I do/don’t like about it, what I would do differently if I were to make the same image again and anything else that springs to mind.

As I said earlier, photography is just a hobby for me, so I won’t be taking this blogging lark to seriously! It’s just a bit of fun and a way for me to track my progress!

So, here goes!

#1 – The Portuguese Paddler – December 2014

The month after getting my first proper camera (a Nikon D3200 & 18-55 kit) we went to Portugal for a week over New Year. Very surprised by how good the weather was we spent most of the time out walking and jumping in the odd cafe or restaurant. As we were walking down the coast one day I pointed my camera out towards the sea, and as I looked through the viewfinder a bloke on a paddle board/canoe type thing came into the shot, trying my best to put together what I had already read about compositions/rule of thirds etc, I tried to line up the horizon with the top third and position the bloke on the paddle board somewhere near the bottom left intersection. It was a really simple photo but overall I think it turned out OK. Looking back now I think I went a bit too crazy with post processing (it is unnaturally blue) but this was one of many lessons I would learn in photography.

The Portuguese Paddler – 55mm – F11 – 1/500 – ISO250


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